Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Charlotte, NC Area

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6 New Locations That Are Perfect For Your Next Event

Where To Throw Your Charlotte NC Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party can seem like a daunting experience. You can start by breaking it down into a step by step experience; an excellent place to start would be the location. Once you have that in place you can then figure out what direction your gig will go. But where to throw your bash? Here are some suggestions of places you can use as the backdrop of your event.

  • Your Place
Nothing says house party like doing it at your residence. For most people your place or the home of a friend is the easiest and most convenient location. Ideal for small to medium size crowds. It can work if your bash consists of a larger group just be sure you have enough room for everyone including room to move if you're hiring a Charlotte male stripper.

  • Hotel
If you want to generate the "what happens in Charlotte stays in Charlotte" vibe you will need to start renting a suite uptown for the night. If previous occasions you're friends have gotten pretty messy then get a suite and rest easy knowing that your guests are not spilling beer all over your home. Best for small to medium size groups. Extra bonus if you get your room in uptown Charlotte; easy walking distance to lots of great night clubs!

  • Private Club
For larger groups that like to throw down at the finest clubs then renting a club for several hours can make a big impact. Maybe not the finest clubs but also sports bars and beer halls. The doors are closed to the public and it's just you and your friends. Nothing can beat the feeling of having the entire club becoming the VIP room just for you.
A private room at a nightclub in Charlotte will turn your party into a members only occasion
  • Party Bus
Do you want to combine the best of a night club within a moving facility that can take you to more clubs? A party bus may be what your small to medium size group needs. There are so many different party buses in Charlotte you can choose from so there will one that is perfect for your needs. Most will have nice seating, flashy lighting, a great sound system and maybe even a stripper pole. Two companies that have been doing this in Charlotte for years include Party Bus Charters and Rajun Uptown. All you need is a hot guy ready to take it off.

  • Party Room Rental
If renting a private club wouldn't be appropriate for your group - perhaps they don't drink, or you are planning a food centric event - then a party room rental could be your best choice. Many restuarants have large rooms you can use and may also offer you special deals on meals. If you or someone you know lives at an apartment complex then find out if they have a room available for the residents to use for a fee. A quick look at party room rentals in Charlotte show's over 200 different venues at many different price points.

  • Country Club
When only the best will do for your friends and you have a lot of them then it may be worth looking into renting some space at the local country club. Wouldn't recommend it if your pals get smashed but for more low key elegent occasions this would be an impressive set up.

Whatever you're looking for in party venues Charlotte has many options. It can be as easy as you want it or as unique as your personlity. Which one will serve your needs the best?