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The Beginners Guide To Male Strippers

15 May 2019

Are you new to the concept of male strippers? Do you crave a muscle man to strip and dance just for your event? Let us help you with the basics on male dancers and how to watch or hire one. From streaming a movie, going to the bar or ordering a dancer to go. Yes you can get cute guys to come to your street and take it off to upbeat music while you sit back with a cocktail and watch his performance. Our essential male stripper guide is geared toward the newbie, but anyone can brush up on male strippers made easy.

It may seem like the in thing for women to hire professional male strippers to entertain their friends or go out to a nightclub and watch a traveling male revue like the Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under. There was always beefcake and body builders showing off their physiques in magazines, but In fact, the first male strippers started in the early 1970's. The earliest shows were held at gay clubs; while the routines were very similar to ones that catered to the ladies, they also featured full nudity. Stripping wasn't as mainstream as it is today, so the earliest guys were often threatened with arrest. Eventually the shock wore off, and strip clubs were more open to featuring men entertainers. The late 1970s the first male revues were born; The. Peter Adonis Traveling Fantasy Show were the granddaddy of all the traveling troupes. So yes your mother and maybe even your grandmother enjoyed gawking and groping gyrating guys; ok maybe not groping but they did pull his g-string and slip some dollar bills inside.

The Top 3 Ways To Watch Male Strippers

  1. Watch a Movie - The cheapest way to see male strippers would be to watch one of the many movies that feature guys dancing for women. The first male stripper flick would be the 1981 "For Ladies Only" a TV movie of the week which offered women the chance to ogle Trapper John, MD. Gregory Harrison is a starving actor moonlighting as a male stripper with such clients as old school Hollywood movie queens live Viveca Lindfors & Lee Grant. The Beastmaster himself, Marc Singer shows off with a routine as well. Sadly not available on dvd but you can find it on YouTube along with that other early 80s film "A Night In Heaven" with dreamy blonde Christopher Aktins as "Ricky The Rocket" dancing for the hot professor and is considered one of the worst films ever made. Worse than Showgirls even. Moving to the next decade the 90s bought us "The Full Monty" and The Chippendales Murder a TV movie from 2000. But the Titanic of all male stripper films would have to be Magic Mike and its sequel.
  2. Go To A Male Strip Club - Watch men on your flat screen television will only go so far; soon you will want to be close enough to pull their thong away from their body and slip some cash. Nothing compares to touching, smelling and smiling at a male stripper and there are strip clubs for women that have male strippers. Hunk-O-Mania has several clubs in major cities like New York and Chicago, and there's the Hunk Mansion in Las Vegas. While Charlotte may have many gentlemen's clubs for the guys, women looking for a strip club catering just for them are left hanging. Back in the day there was The Body Shop at Club 2000; every weekend a full fledged male revue and strip club operated, with fully lite stage and vip rooms. It was truly the end of an era that will be remembered fondly. Why are there like 100 strip clubs for men for every club for women? My theory is that while guys will hit a shake shack by themselves on the way home from work to have a beer and a lap dance, women don't do the club all alone. When they do hit a club they do this in groups and make it a special occasion. The The Body Shop may just be a fondly remembered moment from the 2000s, your today there option to get tickets the major male revues that travel to Charlotte and many other parts of North Carolina. Chippendales generally hits the area at least once a year; the Get Naughty Tour 2020 will be in Charlotte. Other shows of interest include Men of Steel and Thunder Down Under. These male revues have amazing choreography and are fully entertaining even if the guys did keep their costumes on! The best of shows will attract a huge audience; it's a blast to yell and scream with the rest of the crowds tremendous energy.
  3. Order Guys To Your Location - If you have a hankering for a live performance from a male stripper but don't want to leave your home, there is always the option of having the guys come to you. This is the perfect fix if you're throwing a birthday party at your residence, or a bachelorette party at a rental. If you consider the cost of transportation, tickets and drinks, then hiring a male stripper is actually a very cost effective solution to your party entertainment dilemma. While you won't see as many different dancers as you would at a male revue, you will get 100% of the attention from the guy at your place. By ordering mobile male strippers you have more input on the performance - do you want a mild show or a wild one? - and can choose the costume. You may find the cop outfit to be a cliche, so consider a fireman, cowboy or just a neighbor complaining about the noice. You can also mix your own tarted up punch that will be far cheaper than expensive club booze. Having a private presentation by a male stripper at your event place is a surefire party starter.

Stripping Guys Bring Good Times

When considering things to do for a bachelorette or birthday party, the conversation will inevitably go there - to the thoughts of gorgeous men removing their shirt. Nice looking guys throwing down with that pony dance. You can do it on the cheap with Netflicks or Prime and stream a major motion picture. Getting together with the girls and watching Magic Mike XXL is fun; going out with the gang and watching male strippers live will be amazing. If you don't want to deal with hoards of women and want to customize your options then the at home male stripper in some kind of uniform will take your experience to the next level of fun.

How To Watch Male Strippers

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