Charlotte Bachelorette Party Ideas To Try This Year


The Basics - Bachelorette Party Ideas for Charlotte North Carolina

12 Jul 2019

They say that Charlotte has a lot! It surely has a lot for the bachelorette party you are planning. Uptown Charlotte in particular is rich in hotels of various price points plus a diverse selection of entertainment and night clubs for any taste. The group will enjoy awesome casual eating or fine dining in nearby NoDa. Great outdoor activities and the lake or pole dance classes for the outdoor adverse. Everything you need for an effortless girls night out can be found. Find out more info if you need some ideas for planning a pre wedding celebration in Charlotte, NC and want to make some fabulous memories for everyone to experience. Polished and updated for the 2020 season!

Do you live in Charlotte, NC? Then you already know that the Queen City is a colorful and vibrant town full of fun activities for locals or visitors alike. If you are planning a bachelorette party in Charlotte but are not familiar with the city let me introduce you to some of the local sights and accommodations and how they will help cater to your event needs. Also known as Charlotte Center City, uptown's animated hustle and friendly people will help you throw the ultimate bachelorette bash at your CLT headquarters.

Where To Stay

If you or a friend owns a home in Charlotte that is large enough to not only to throw the party but also have rooms for your guests to stay the night then you're set! Let's face it; few of us will be that lucky. Whatever you call it - downtown or uptown Charlotte - you will find a great selection of hotel rooms with a remarkable view and enjoyable activities for the bride-to-be. What could be better than to get a hotel suite that is within walking distance to the best restaurants and the hottest nightclubs in Charlotte? Another popular option for large groups is to rent home or condo on Airbnb. You will not only be able to house out of town guests but you get a large space to party.

Get Active

Travel just one or two hours beyond the vast metropolis of the city and find unspoiled parts of North Carolina ripe for exploration. If the bride to be is a film buff then check into some of the areas movie locations. Lake Lure is less than 2 hours from Charlotte, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is famous for hosting the filming of Dirty Dancing. Super fans may even want to plan the party for the weekend when the Dirty Dancing Festival is held. If the bachelorette's favorite activity is hiking and watching The Hunger Games, then the waterfall hike at the Dupont State Recreational Forest will make her weekend amazing. You don't have to go out to the country to have a good time, the U.S. National Whitewater Center has more high adrenaline activities than you will have time to do. Don't despair if the weather doesn't cooperate, getting the girls together and doing a fun fitness activity is as easy as getting up a pole party at a local studio.

Go Out On The Town

Once upon a time you could have began your search for events around the EpiCentre, an entertainment complex in the center of Charlotte that is a wonderland of good times for an outgoing group of women. Sadly the complex has decided not to renew the leases of the resident clubs so by the time you arrive for your Charlotte bachelorette party it may not have anywhere to throw down; hopefully the bowling alley will remain. There will always be nightclubs to dance in the downtown entertainment district and special music events. Choose from many fine restaurants and quality casual options so the gals can stay nourished with great food. There's even a nice hotel connected to everything; if that's too close for resting later on then there are many options that are still within walking distance as well. If you want a unique and fun ideas to get around downtown then check out local favorite Queen City Rides. They offer a bachelorette party tour in their eco-friendly electric golf carts that is the perfect way to get your friends together and check out the town in a safe manner. It's rated #1 on Trip Advisor for nightlife in Charlotte and it a great way to visit various bars. You can sip a cocktail and one club then hop on the cart and have drinks at another location.

Find The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas For Charlotte

Your event may be as refined or conservative as a bridal shower; or you are going for the full on debauchery of drinking, bar hopping and male stripper experience. Either way, uptown - or is it downtown? - has an expansive selection of quality hotels, rocking night clubs, distinctive breweries and superb day spas that will ensure your bachelorette party will become legend to all involved.  The Queen City is full of bachelorette party ideas that will ensure you throw the perfect event; just don't do this the weekend before the wedding!

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