Good Times Made easy with Bachelorette Party games and Male Strippers

April 23, 2019

Playing games are something fun that you can add to the weekend. You may also want to hire a male stripper to entertain your friends. Imagine what would happen if you combined both activities!

Scavenger Hunt

I know, the scavenger hunt is an old standard, but it still holds up because it can be personalized to your friends personality. Basically you get a checklist of different items to be found then go out and find them. You can have each party goes do it individually, break them up into small groups of 2 or 3 or have everyone work together as a group. There are many variations on the bachelorette party scavenger hunt, some can be pretty tame and others can be wild and crazy. Here's a list linking to different types of hunts for you to choose from.

Card Games

And no I'm not talking about 52 pick up. You can go to your nearest Party City and find different card games which may feature dares or questions. Here is one call The Most Likely Card Game. Everyone can pick a card and answer questions like "Who would be most likely to trip over their own feet?" or "steal a street sign" or "wakes up with half a burrito in bed". Just hope you don't draw "Who is most likely to play stupid card games?"

Pin The Tail on A Stud

Now there are more adult variations of pin the tail on the donkey. You can also purchase at your local party store the Team Bride Kiss The Stud Bachelorette party game. If sticking paper lips on a cartoon isn't your thing, I would suggest finding a Playgirl centerfold and make up your own items to place on the photo of the hot stud. Don't you think real men are more enjoyable than a cartoon?

Live stripping men

What do you get when you combine bachelorette party games and male strippers? A good time that could only make the celebration for the bride to be even more epic! Could you imagine what would happen if you combined a male stripper with whipped cream? It would be better than an ice cream dessert unless you can lic that off a sexy male exotic dancer. If that sounds messy to you there is always the "Find the money with no hands" game. First you have the bachelorette lie down on the floor; you can use a blanket if your are roughing it on your location. Take the tip money you have bought and strategically hide it in various spots on the bride to be. Now tell the male stripper he needs to find the money but he can't use his hands! How will he pull the money out without using his hands? By using his mouth! This is a great game to play with a bachelorette who isn't shy.

For the best time combine games and hot guys

Bachelorette party games come in all different varieties. Along with the games suggested here, check out this girls night out resource with lists dozens of games and checklists you can print out. Take a look at some of the games and see if you can somehow get a sexy guy involved. But you need the right kind of guys, you need Charlotte Male Strippers! Fun parties start here.


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