Charlotte Bachelorette Party Ideas To Try This Year


2 Male Strippers For Maximum Fun

25 Feb 2019

Go all out and save $30 when booking two of our Charlotte male strippers

You have been to a lot of bachelorette parties; many of them had a male stripper and it was great! But did you know that you can get more than one guy? Why not! There isn't a male strip club for women in Charlotte, so you will need to bring the guys to you if you want to recreate the Magic Mike male revue experience at your place. There are many ways an additional guy or two will enhance your party.

It's Better To Stare And Compare

If you have a large group of girls - more than 20 - and you know that they are serious male stripper connoisseurs, then you really should consider adding a second guy to the package. That way everybody will be able to spend time getting up close and personal with some stripping hotties. Sometimes there's just so many girls that one guy can't get to them all. So a second one will ensure that all the girls with have a fabulous time at your party. If your crowd is smaller but you still would like the added fun of another one they you could have the guys arrive at separate times. One of the male strippers could arrive at 9-9:30 and the other could arrive at 10-10:30. This can be a great scenario and allows to you have entertainment for an extended period of time. Imagine the look on your friends faces when they realize that it's not over when they see another guy coming in after the first male stripper finishes their performance.

Rock Your Party With 2 Charlotte Male Strippers And Get A Discount

When you hire two hardbodied entertainers from Charlotte Male Strippers you get more than just double the good looks and double the personality. You will save 30 bucks! That’s dough you can put back in your pocket to buy some additional hors d'oeuvres or adult beverages. Or you can pull a cute guys g string toward you to give him a tip. Our rate for two male strippers in Charlotte is the best rate you will find for bachelorette party entertainment.

Hire Two Guys For Your Stash & Save Some Cash

Why have the same old party when you can have two chiseled hotties taking it off for your crowd. Since you can't go out on the town to find a male strip club in Charlotte you have to bring the Magic Mike review direct to you. It's easy when you call 980-272-0443 and get set up with a dynamic stripping duo. Take advantage of one of our specials on male strippers and have an over the top event.

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